Watermelon Margaritas

I know to some of you this may sound crazy but………….. I have never really been a margarita fan but for some reason the last few times that I have tried them I actually enjoyed them. We recently had friends over for dinner and I decided since we were having tacos for dinner that I would try my hand at margaritas. We usually accompany our meals with wine because…well… I just LOVE it. HAHAHA!!! 
This drink is a keeper. The watermelon is super refreshing. I will definitely be making these for a day of sitting and relaxing by the pool this summer. 
I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about the watermelon since once I pureed it it was very thick. I thought of straining it but to be honest with the two boys running around and cooking dinner for the seven of us I didn’t want to think about making more dirty dishes and I was running late. I am glad I left it alone and didn’t strain it because it was perfectly delish!  
Watermelon Margaritas
by: Voluntown Housewife
1/4 of a Small Seedless Watermelon 
1 oz. Triple Sec 
4 oz. Tequila
2 oz. Brandy
2 oz. Cointreau
2 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
4 oz. Sweet and Sour
Course Sugar~ For rimming the glass 
Lime for garnish 
1. Puree the watermelon and store in pitcher
2. In another pitcher mix all other ingredients
3. Fill a shaker with ice and mix 2 parts alcohol mix and 1 part watermelon puree. 
4. Shake and pour into a margarita glass. 
5. RELAX & ENJOY( I know we did)