Visit My Garden

My garden is a place that brings me joy. It’s amazing to watch the snow cover the plants and each spring watch them emerge for a new season of growth. Here’s a little tour around my yard!!

First, my peach trees, I have two. My grandmother bought me two small trees and each year I watch them grow. It’s a great reminder of her since she has passed away. I still have some learning to do when it comes to pruning but that’s part of the fun of gardening always learning something new!


Moving on to my veggie garden, it’s spring here in Voluntown so I haven’t yet planted my veggies but I will be planting them soon. The boxes and the pea stone worked great last year. This year I am hoping that my hubby with but in some drip hoses. Standing there watering was for the birds. If you can see in the back is our chicken coop. IMG_5155

My flower garden is always changing. As plants establish themselves I often realize that they are too big or too small and they need to go on my list for the following spring to be moved. Our water pond is great and it was my husbands project a few years back. We have a leak or two but over all it is low maintenance. Besides, what would I have done with that giant rock?!?!  IMG_5158



My creeping phlox




My wisteria~This is the first year I have gotten it too bloom! I am in love!!! IMG_5159


My raspberry patch~It needs work……….


Just a look around.……..



Primrose in bloom…..




Thanks for stopping by! xoxo