Turning 30

turning 30

Today I turned 30………..Ouch! I know most people really don’t think it’s that big of a deal but let me tell you I’m not jumping for joy over here!

Turning 30 means leaving my 20’s behind….I’m going to miss them. They have really grown on me and I’m not prepared to give them up. In my 20’s I bought a house, had two babies, went on great vacations, can my 30’s really live up to that????

I woke up this morning wishing  I could still live in my 20’s for just a while longer. I soon had a change of heart. Age really is just a number and I have so much to be thankful for. My best friend surprised with a great breakfast at The Cooked Goose in Westerly, RI . If you haven’t been you should go! AWESOME breakfast! As we were driving we were chatting and I realized that  it’s not where I’ve been or what I’ve done that matters it’s where I’m going and what I will do that I am looking forward to.

Of course part of me feels like I am one step closer to 6 feet under!!! But in all reality I have an excitement as to what my 30’s will bring. I look forward to more vacations, watching my kids become teens, experiencing more alone time with my hubby, heck both my kids will be in school full day next year! There is a lot to look forward to! It’s change and for those that know me well know that change is NOT my thing! But we can’t stop time and change is inevitable so I need to embrace the new things that are coming my way!

God has blessed me with great family and friends. Life is about relationships and I look forward to growing the old ones and  I can’t wait to see what new relationships are formed in this new decade I have entered! I have joined the 30 club and I’m ready for the ride! It’s all about our perspective and today my perspective is about looking forward not backward. We can’t grow if we are always looking behind at what we are missing.

Today my heart is full of joy for the memories and blessing I’ve had and for the all the awesome moments in life that I haven’t had yet! Bring it on 30!