Top 5 Posts In September


September was a busy month here in our house, it was full of football, heat waves, awesome family parties, and a special birthday. My oldest son turned nine!! OMG!!!! I still can’t believe it. Really? Where does the time go?

Thank you for following along and reading my blog. Blogging is a great way for me to stay creative and to feel a bit more connected to the world. Thanks for being you!

In case you missed it I have posted the Top 5 posts for the month of September! Check them out!

  1. I Never Wanted To Be A Football Mom 

I never wanted to be a football mom

2. Spicy Peach Stuffed Beer Pretzels 

Spicy Peach Pretzels

3. 26 Ways To Be Prepared For A Hurricane

26 Ways to prepare for a hurricane

4. Ceiling Fan Makeover


5. Reuben Stromboli 

Reuben Stromboli

I have some exciting things happening in October and I can’t wait to share them with you! Stay tuned!


Tell me which of these 5 posts you enjoyed the most! Leave me a message below!