Sharpe Hill Vineyard & Fireside Tavern Restaurant



To celebrate our 12 year anniversary my husband and I decide to stay close to home. We usually go to Portsmouth, NH for the weekend but with two boys in football our weekends are just a little too busy. 


October 16th is usually peak foliage season here in CT. We made plans to enjoy some quiet back roads and the beauty that God gives us this time of year. 


Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret, CT has a restaurant that we have been wanting to try for the past few years. They book weeks in advance and again being a mom of two busy boys and a wife of a self employed plumber time and advance planning are two luxuries that we don’t get all that often. 

We made sure to call and make reservations about eight weeks in advance. I was so excited when we were able to get a 6:30 seating. Fine dining is my guilty pleasure. There is nothing better than a quiet resturant with great company, an awesome atmosphere, fablulous food, and exquisite wine. 


Sharpe Hill Vineyard has received over 350 awards for their wine. You can taste all of their wines for only $15. The winery is open year round and only on the weekends. If you plan on visiting with a larger group you do need a reservation for parties of 8 or more. The Fireside Tavern restaurant was included in Connecticut Magazine’s May cover feature “Fifty Dishes to Try Before you Die”.  The dish to try?!?!?……the Creole Shrimp entrée! 

When we made our reservation it was recommend that we arrive 1 hour prior to our dining time to enjoy a tasting. I can’t tell you how amazed I was at the atmosphere. The old latched doors, wide planked wooden floors, and the primitive decor created the perfect atmosphere. 


We enjoyed our tasting in their small but very cozy tasting room. I have to say I was surprised, I enjoyed both their whites and their reds. I find that when I visit a vineyard I often sway towards one or the other, but not at Sharpe Hill! Once we completed our tasting we were escorted to the restaurant. From the tasting room we walked outside into a beautiful courtyard. There was something breathtaking about leaving the cozy tasting room to be met outside with a cool breeze. As we began to get a chill we entered through another latched door into the Fireside Tavern. A crackling fire and long farm table covered with candles and a variety of unique fall decorations graced the entrance. 


We then were escorted upstairs to the dimly lit resturant. With only a few tables and two glowing fires. I understand why it’s “Fireside Tavern”! At first I won’t lie I was a bit disappointed with the menu. It is small and as far as fine dining I thought extremely simple. Well, simply wonderful that is! The food was fresh , clean, and perfectly simple! Sometimes all the frills and fancy additions aren’t needed. 

 I’m sure you’re dying to know what we ordered!! Well, first we had to start with a bottle of Red Seraph (it might just be my new favorite). We then enjoyed the caprese salad and shrimp cocktail for starters, Filet with béarnaise sauce and root vegetables and lobster with melted butter and rice. We shared our entrees creating our own “surf and turf”. It was perfect. I am still kicking myself for not trying the creole shrimp but I just couldn’t get both!!   I guess Jeff will just have to take me back again! Too bad……………

Between the perfectly romantic setting, the perfect wine, and the perfect meal it all came together for the perfect night. If you get a chance to visit the quiet corner of Connecticut Sharpe Hill is a must! 

Please share with me other restaurants that have left you feeling like it was the perfect night!