Seafood Fest

Seafood Fest!!!!!!

    Voluntown is only 25 min. away from the shore. That being said we LOVE seafood in our house! One of our family traditions is that we get a ton of seafood once a summer and just enjoy everything that is great about seafood! Today we made the journey to our local farmers market and picked up corn. Please if you have a local farmers market go out and help support local farms and business. Not only are you helping hard working farmers and your own neighbors but you are helping yourself and your family by eatting fresh healthy local food!

       After our trip to the market we made our way to Westerly, RI to pick up lobster, steamers, little neck clams, and stuffed clams! School will be starting in a little over a week and we wanted to do something special this weekend. It was a perfect time for the “Cassidy Family Seafood Fest”.
      Football has started and the nights and mornings are starting to get that cool, fresh, crisp feeling. Our oldest son will be starting first grade this year and I have to say I am heartbroken that he keeps growing! Who’s big idea was that!! hahaha!!!! I wish he could stay little forever!
     Last year our youngest was not that turned on with lobster so we are really hoping he will come to enjoy it as much as we do!
Here are a few tips on cooking seafood!!!!
Lobster Tips…..
1. Steaming is better than boiling. When you stem a lobster they tend to keep more of their flavor and they are a little sweeter.
2. Always cook lobster the day that you buy them.
3. Soft shell lobsters have sweeter meat but less of it than hard shell.  ( I don’t seem to find a difference in the flavor just a difference in the amount of meat we always get hard shell)
4. I think that 4 minutes per pound of lobster is a good rule to live by. Just be sure that the lobster is bright red and the meat is not translucent in color.
Clams & Steamer Tips…….
1. I always soak mine in water for a while to help with the sand. You don’t want to let them soak to long in fresh water because it will kill them
2. You only need a small amount of water to stem them. I like to add white wine to stem them it really gives them a nice flavor
3. Get rid of any with broken shells before you cook them. It’s to risky to cook those.
4. They are done when the shells open. Cook covered and check often you don’t want the water to evaporate and burn them. (Trust me it happens)
The last rule I have is………….