Pretzel Rolls


We love burgers here in the Cassidy house! When we have friends over we often do “Burger Night”! We supply the burger and buns and our guests bring toppings and sides so we end up with an awesome burger bar!

When you want to have friends over but don’t want to go through a big dinner party,┬áburger night is a great idea! Check out my post on some of the other dinner themes we do with friends.

I wanted to add something special to our last burger night. We were getting together with friends of ours for a little gift exchange around christmas and I thought something special would be nice. So I went searching for pretzel rolls. I had never made pretzel rolls before so I made my husband pick up burger rolls just in case!!! I came across “Salted Pretzel Rolls” on My Life as a Mrs blog. Her blog is awesome and you need to check it out!

I settled on her recipe and I went to town! Pretty fancy I must say!!!

I found that the yeast did get bubbly and frothy and my dough did double in size but my rolls didn’t double in size. They did get bigger but they didn’t double. I did get 8 rolls but I think next time I would make them bigger and get less rolls since they didn’t get a big as I would have liked. Click here for the recipe! Be sure to leave her a comment! These were great!

If you have any thoughts as to why my rolls didn’t double in size please feel free to leave me a comment below!