Plant Sale Mania

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Every year the North Stonington Garden Club holds their annual plant sale. It has become a Mother’s Day tradition for my mom and I. The sale is held the Saturday before before Mother’s Day. We get up early, grab a cup of coffee and off we go.


The sale is great because the plants are dug up from other gardens in the area so you know the plants you are buying will do will in the area.


This year we arrived and the air was still a bit chilly. We sat in the car and wait until we saw a line start to form. Once the line started forming we jumped out of the car in a race to snag a wagon (they a hot commodity). We were successful with getting a wagon!!!!! We stood in line patiently waiting to hear “we are open”!!!


My garden is getting pretty full so I wasn’t in the market for anything specific this year.


Here’s what I bought……..

1. Hosta ~ Golden Tiara ~ small hosta with purple flowers. It can get to 16″ tall and can spread to about 36″.


I loved the shape and color of the leaves.


2. Japanese Anemone ~ with pink and white blooms. Blooms late summer to mid fall. Fall blooming anemones such as the Japanese Anemone may take time to establish but once the getting settled they will begin to spread.


I already had a small plant and I really love that it’s a late bloomer. Since it takes a while to establish it self I wanted to get another plant to make more of an impact. I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait for it to spread!!!


3. Delphinium~ light blue, blooms June on. Delphiniums are often a main stay of English cottage gardens. They need to be watered often as they don’t do well in dry hot summers. Dehead of they flower in hopes of a second bloom.


English cottage gardens are my favorite. I haven’t had much luck with growing Delphiniums but I couldn’t resist! I love to dream of sipping tea sitting at a small table and chairs surrounded by delphiniums and roses. AHHHH DREAMY!!!!!!

4. Foxglove~ is a short-lived plant but it drops seed and multiplies.


When my husband and I were first married we received a gift of flowers and gardening tools. Foxglove was the first flower I ever planted and they grew like crazy. We have moved from the home that we first lived in and I have never planted them in my current garden. I thought they would make a great addition.

5.  Euphorbia Spurge~ about 12″ tall with small yellow flowers. Blooms in April.


The flowers are very small and they are not what drove me to buy the plant. I loved the foliage. It’s nice to add different textures in the garden and I just loved this one.


6. Amoracia rustcana~Horseradish ~ has large leaves with small white flowers. The roots are used to make sauce or used as a condiment.

I have a large garden and I have a few spaces that I just need to fill in with something. I thought this would be great as a filler and it’s also useful.


Where is your favorite plant sale?