Nutella Hot Chocolate

This past weekend we packed up the boys and headed out to get our Christmas Tree. Geer’s Tree Farm is really a great family fun place to get your tree in this area. They had tractor rides, wood fired pizza, popcorn, and their trees are always great. I’m not sure my husband enjoys picking out our tree as much as I do since I have a bad habit of walking around the farm looking for “the perfect” tree. Along our walk he points out great trees but they don’t do it for me. It never fails every year we always end up back where we started picking the first tree I found. What can I say I just have to be sure that I have found “the one”!!!!!!!!  

It was cool and a bit drizzly while we were hunting for our tree and I couldn’t wait to get home and warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate. I had heard rumors of making hot chocolate with nutella and I thought how bad can it be? 
I will never use packaged hot chocolate mix again this was so easy and delish. You HAVE to try it!!! 
4 Servings
4 cups of Milk
4 tablespoons of Nutella
In a small sauce pan over medium heat pour in the milk and add the Nutella. Whisk until the Nutella is mixed well with the milk and the milk gets frothy. Pour into your favorite mug and enjoy!