My Thoughts On The Presidential Election~2016


Ok……what a touchy subject……POLITICS!!!! I never post anything political for a number of reasons but I felt today deserved me speaking up. I won’t tell you who I voted for because for the purposes of this post……it doesn’t matter. I know many of you may not agree, but it’s true.

This morning I woke up to a flood of negativity on all of my social media feeds. Here’s the thing, I understand that no matter who won this election there was going to be crying from either side. Everyone was invested in preserving what they truly felt was the right path for this amazing nation.

I just want to know when did we become a nation of such hate? This goes for both parties. I may agree very strongly with certain political views but I also agree very strongly that others have the right to feel strongly about theirs.

We live in FREE country.

We live in a country that people smuggle themselves into through deplorable conditions, a lot of the time risking their lives for a chance to experience our way of life. The sad thing is, through our fights on both sides to persevere the values of what we believe make our country great both sides have ripped each other apart. STOP!

Let’s get back to basics…..let’s forget who’s in the White House for a moment and let’s look at our neighbors, let’s look at the needy in our communities, let’s focus on raising our children. The only way we are going to grow and mend wounds is to stop the hateful banter against each other and that goes both ways.

Our God is bigger than a presidential election, he is bigger than you and me. Regardless of whether or not you were pro Trump, he is now our president. Let’s be American’s and go back to honoring freedom and go back to loving one another. I understand that many people feel Trump’s message is hateful but I also understand that for many Americans, they feel differently. Wrong or right………it’s not my place to judge others views……it’s not my place to judge anyone period. Your choices and feeling are between you and God.

I wake up each morning and look at my family and the blessings that I have. Let’s focus on that. Let’s focus on the positive. Let’s start talking to the stranger in line at the grocery store. Let’s start talking to others who have different views without a heart full of hate (again this is required of both sides of party lines). Let’s pray for change. Let’s pray for our families. Let’s focus on our circles of influence. Let’s show God’s love in all we do.

I’m sorry that there are people who are truly heartbroken at this decision and I understand that there are people who are truly happy. Whichever side you land on I want you to know that no matter what side I’m on I see you, I respect you. I can have a different option and still love you and treat you with the love that God has shown me and I hope you can do the same for me. That’s my goal in life, to show God’s love everyday. Just like I tell my kids everyday when I drop them off at school…….

“Have a good day, make good choices, and make God happy in all you do today.”

Let’s live by that.

I love this country! I loved it yesterday and I love it today and I will love it tomorrow.