It’s The End Of The Year, Here’s What I Gave My Sons Teachers

Teacher Gift

Every year I am amazed at how fast the school year goes by. One morning while running around the house trying to get lunches together, clothes on my children, backpacks packed, teeth brushed, and just trying to make them look somewhat  presentable to the outside world, I got side tracked watching a segment on the Today show. The segment was with a mommy blogger and what she said made me stop and literally laugh out loud. She went on about what a great “school mom” she was when school starts, kids lunches were packed at night, all papers were filled out and signed, home work double checked, clothes laid out, but by the end of the year she slowly becomes the worst “school mom” ever. She went on to tell how lunches seem impossible to make, clean clothes are like winning the lottery, as long as the kids homework has writing on it she’s happy. I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate!!  I can’t wait for lazy days of summer and I’m sure the teachers that have blessed our lives this year can’t wait to enjoy a little fun in the sun.

I am forever grateful every year for my children’s teachers. Throughout the school year I pray for my children’s teachers, that they will touch my children’s lives in a positive way and that my children will touch their lives in the same way. I encourage you to pray for child’s teacher throughout the year!

After all of their hard work I wanted to put together a little end of the year gift. I also wanted to work on my hand lettering so it was a win win!!


Here’s what I put in the bag:

  • Beach Towel
  • Coffee Cup
  • Pen
  • Decorative  Sticky Notes
  • Note Pad


Do you do end of the year teacher gifts? What do you give? Are you a teacher? What do you enjoy getting at the end of the year?