Home Remodel


Ok as many of you know I have been waist deep in a remodel project of our entire first floor. I have been missing from the blogging world because I’m not superwomen! What a project! It was worth all the sweat and well all the tears……and trust me there were plenty of tears (ask my husband)!

Jeff and I got married young and we didn’t know much but we knew one thing……..we would never leave Voluntown. We rented a small home from Jeff’s aunt for the first year of our marriage until we were ready to buy a home. 

I have always made it a priority to pay extra towards our mortgage and we will hopefully be mortgage free in 8 to 10 years!

We played with the idea of putting on an addition but it just felt like I was going backwards, starting all over again with another payment. NO THANK YOU!

We decided to do a complete remodel of the entire bottom floor of our home. The best part……. we did the whole thing ourselves, DIY! This is our forever home and now that the remodel is finished, there truly is no better feeling than knowing we did it all ourselves! 

Here is a tour of our remodel! 

BEFORE………Note the three different floors….ugh that used to drive me crazy! Also we had already started taking stuff done when I remembered to take some before pictures!

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AFTER…… Oh Be Still My Heart! For those of you that don’t know me I LOVE BRICKS! I was so excited to add bricks to my home! I can’t complain about that beautiful shiplap either! I love my vintage maps….One of Voluntown and the other of Ireland, next a sign……. “Home is Where My Heart is” for right in between. 

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So there it is, a tour of my home. Home truly is where my heart is. I love this place we have created and I look forward to more memories here. 


From my home to yours xoxoxo