He Restores My Soul



Have you ever had one of those weeks where you had a great plan in place yet each day something comes up or things you thought would take you five minutes take you two hours! Yup that’s been my week so far and it’s only Tuesday!!!!!

Today after I was done working out this morning I decided to bundle up and go sit on the front porch and wait for my youngest to get off the bus. The snow was falling and the cold air felt refreshing after working out. While I was rocking away in my rocking chair I started thinking about how it’s the new year and darn it I’m supposed to feel renewed! To be honest I was feeling pretty far from that. I had done everything to get back on track for the new year…..meal plans, organized my house, organized my calendar, started working out again (I slacked off at the holidays) you name it I thought I figured it all out.

The problem……. I forgot about God and I forgot about ME. Of course I never really “forget” about God but my heart had lost him. Over the past year days went by and life creeped in and I realized that it had been a long time since I had  taken time each day to sit, reflect, pray and just be silent. As I’m sure many of you can relate.  I am busy all the time with everyone else. The things a mom needs get put on the back burner. I mean really who has time for yourself when you are running a household and trying to get all the daily things done?!?!?! I’m not talking about working out or getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I’m talking about the things we need to not feel like we are just moms or just housewives. We all had things we enjoyed or loved before children or before we had the stresses of taking care of our homes. How often do you do those things anymore? That’s what I mean when I say I forgot about ME.

Before kids I owned a salon. I found a lot of joy in hair, makeup, and fashion. I don’t spend nearly as much time as I would like doing any of those things.  How about time alone with your husband? That doesn’t happen nearly as much as I would like. Hobbies? Crafts or DIY projects? Reading? Singing? Gardening? Scrapbooking? Whatever it is that you LOVE; when was the last time you made time for it?

To feel renewed we first need God. He is the one true source of new life. We can’t ever be content without him and without his love. Take time each day to pray, to listen to your heart. Read your bible. Read the words of God and he will begin to renew you. The thing is we don’t need to take hours and hours to commit to bible studies and other such things (although I think everyone should participate in a bible study from time to time). It starts with taking the time to sit down. Start off slow, commit to 5 or 10 minute a day in a quiet place alone, away from the distractions of your everyday life. I promise you you will start to feel renewed right away.

God didn’t just create you to be a mom or a housewife. He created you to be YOU. He gave you special talents and whatever those talents are use them. Start putting yourself first. Today we are so bombarded with how we can be better parents or spouses. We are constantly looking around to compare ourselves to others. STOP!!!! If you want to be the best parent or spouse you can be you have to be the BEST YOU first.

I forgot God and I forgot me. Today I am starting fresh. I am going to make time for God and I am going to make time for me.

I came across Psalm 23:3 today and I think God was trying to tell me something!

“He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name sake.”

I would love to hear about your journey  to a renewed you and I hope and pray that God restores your soul in this new year.


One thought on “He Restores My Soul

  1. “He leads me beside still (quiet) waters.” Tonight as I read your post I just began to cry. I felt as though God was speaking to me. I have felt very similar over the past year and began this new year with a feeling of wanting to be well organized and put together also. Over the past 15 years or more I know how important it is to have quiet time with God, in prayer, meditation and bible reading. That is why I wake early each day to accomplish the one thing that really brings life and peace to me. But somehow, somewhere I got off course and was just thinking tonight why do I feel so empty when my life is so full. God is missing!!! I know I share often with you how important it is to take this time each day. I strayed way far off course and I see the results. Empty but busy. Thank you for taking time to share with others your inmost feelings of life and of your love for God. It will bless many people and hopefully bring them back to where they need to be. At the feet of Jesus. You helped me to see what was missing. Thank you. Keep up the honest, inspirational and encouraging writing. God is working in you.

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