Gore Mountain Tubing Review {North Creek, NY}

Gore Mountain

While we were at our cabin in up state NY on a little weekend getaway we decided to take the kids to Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY for some tubing. We have some good tubing spots at the cabin but we wanted to do something different. Years ago my husband and I went away with a bunch of friends to the Berkshires and we did some tubing there. We had so much fun that we have talked about doing it again ever since.

Before we left I looked up tubing in our area of NY and I came across Gore Mountain.  We left for NY on a Thursday since a tree fell on our cabin and we had to take of that! It’s always something!!!

The tubing opened at 3pm on Friday so we planned go around then. We got there around 4pm and we were the first ones to go down!!! There was no one there!!! They have night-time tubing so as soon as it gets dark the lights come on. AWESOME!!!

They had a great place to get changed into our snow apparel. It was $18 per person, age didn’t matter. So for our family of four it was $72. It included our tube rental and unlimited 2 hours of tubing.  Children have to be 36″ or taller to go. The one thing I would take note of is that you can’t ride together. So kids have to go alone. My boys were happy about that but let me tell you that those lanes were fast!!! I imagine some little ones would not be too happy. I would check with the desk to see what would happen if your little one was too afraid to go.

They had a lift that pulled you up to the top and they had four tubing lanes. The tubing was awesome! The lanes were long and FAST! They had a bonfire where you could warm up if needed. We only stayed an hour since we were the only ones there and were able to down the mountian a lot in an hour! Around 5pm it started to get busy but even with a crowd it seemed the lines moved quickly.

The ride up the mountain was beautiful. The sun was setting and the mountains reflected the sun set. Going at 4pm was the perfect time. We got to watch the sun set plus we got to tube under the lights!I couldn’t help but be amazed at God’s immense beauty. I was filled with his wonder. It was an awesome night! It gets my “Out of the House” approval!!!

*This review is my own option and I was not paid for this review.

Have you been to Gore Mountain? Do you have any favorite tubing spots? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!!!