Friendly Dinners

“Some friendships do not last, but some friends are more loyal than brothers.”
– Proverbs 18:24

We have been blessed with a loyal group of friends. We try to see them as often as we can but life gets in the way. To avoid going long periods of time we decided as a group to set up monthly dinners. This is how it works:

1. We rotate houses, each month dinner is hosted at a different house.
2. The host determines the dinner theme.
3. The host usually is in charge of the meat and others bring sides, drinks, desserts etc.
4. We show up the kids play, we eat and have a great time enjoy the company of each other.

Here are a few theme ideas that we have done.

  • Burger Night
    • The host provides the burgers and the guests bring toppings like bacon, mushrooms, cheese, onions, pickles, banana peppers, roasted peppers, jalapenos. Other ideas includes sides like onions rings, chips, french fries.
  • Taco Night/ Mexican Night
    • The host provides the meat either chicken, hamburger, steak or all three! Guests bring tortillas/taco shells, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, beans, rice, guacamole, margaritas, mojitos.
  • Wing Night
    • The host provides a salad, dressing, and dip for wings and everyone makes a different flavor chicken wing. I also made homemade Italian bread and made a gorgonzola garlic bread! DELISH!!!We do this once a year and we have made it into a yearly competition. It gets a little crazy!!!
  • Pasta Bar Night
    • The host provides the pasta. Guests bring sauces (spaghetti, alfredo), chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, bacon, onions anything you can think of!!