Fall Tablescape

Fall Tablescape 2

Every year I say I’m going to get better at decorating my table for the holidays or for the seasons. This year while I was on a field trip with my youngest son to a farm to pick apples the owner of the farm was giving the kids a great tour and went over all the different types of pumpkins that they grew. Oh my! I didn’t realize how many different types of pumpkins and gourds there are out there. Some of them were really neat!! As she was lifting up each pumpkin my mind started to drift to what I could do with them?!?!? Well, the farm was far from home and I wasn’t able to purchase any pumpkins that day so I left with two small pumpkins that my son was able to pick.

Fall TableScape

A few days later I was still daydreaming about all the unique pumpkins while I was making a trip to my local walmart and what do you know? They had a whole pile of pumpkins. Now I am big believer of buying at your local farm but on this particular day I wasn’t able to make it and didn’t know when I would so I picked up a bunch of different size and colored pumpkins. I purchased some unscented cream colored candles and some glass plates. I had the table runner already and within 10 minutes of getting home I arranged my table. I have to say I am really enjoying it! Next year I will be sure to make a trip to my local farm to purchase my pumpkins and I would like to try it with a burlap table runner. I love fall and this was a great way to bring fall inside!