Facing Our Giants


When you are about to become a parent you imagine all the things you are going to teach your child.

Raising children is about teaching them how to grow up to be happy, content and successful adults. 

The funny thing is, your children will often teach you life lessons that knock you off your feet. They sneak up on you when you least expect them and the lessons that you get are amazing and often soul shaking. 

Recently, our oldest son was selected as an MVP and ranked nationally at Offense Defense Football camp. He got the opportunity to play on a team with other children from all over the country in an all american game in Atlanta, GA at Kennesaw University. While our experience was less than what we expected it to be, he didn’t seem to care. It was a great experience for him and he was taking it all in. 

He ended up on a team with much older kids and the team that he played against was full of giants. REALLY?!?! How do these 11/12 year olds get that big??? YIKES! 

Luke is not a big kid. He’s tall but he’s not bulky. As a defensive player that can often prove difficult when playing against kids of a much larger size. He fought hard. He got thrown around but never quit. He fought through the size and adjusted his game to become more affective. While he wasn’t able to get that sack or break out play that he so desired, he was able to fight the giants. He did his job. He was disciplined in what he had been taught. 

Watching him was one of those light bulb moments for me. We all face our own giants, whatever they may be. It’s easy to give up and walk away but there is no reward in that. Sometimes even though we fight hard our rewards aren’t elaborate and stunning. That’s just life.

But do we walk away learning nothing?

Not at all.

Every thing that requires a fight makes us stronger. It teaches us to preserver. 

You may be facing your own giant. Just remember it’s not in the show boat moments that we grow, it’s in the moments when we have to stay disciplined even though we are getting beat. It’s when we feel like the task in front of us is too big but we jump in ready to fight. 

I want his disciple. I want his determination. I want his fight. 

I am proud of him and I am thankful that he has given me the courage to fight some of my giants. 

Thank you Luke!