Day Dreaming Of Traveling: A Travel Journal


 I often find myself online day dreaming about all of the places I would love to travel. This world that we live in can be a crazy place and traveling isn’t about getting away from it all, it’s about experiencing what the world has to offer. It’s to come back home having something new to offer.

It calms my crazy and opens up new adventures that add excitement and substance to my every day life.


I started making a travel journal. I enjoy hand lettering and I thought what a great way to combine the two. I went to my local craft store and picked up a nice sketch book.


When the day dreaming bug hits me, I take out my sketch book and I write down the places I want to go. I write down countries, towns, cities, land marks, parks, hotels, and anything that may come to my mind. I also keep a few pages for places that I have been!


I will probably never see all of the places in my journal but it’s a reminder to not live every day just trying to get by, but to live with direction and to set goals.


Do you have a travel journal? I would love to see yours! Share it with me on instagram with the #vthwtravels. I can’t wait to see your adventures and dreams! 

~”Life Is Short And The World Is Wide”~Simon Raven