Date Night Gift Basket

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Ok I have been dying to post this but I had to wait until I gave this as a gift!

My best friend Kate and I have known each other our entire lives. We are more than friends, we are family. This year I was really having a hard time finding something special for a gift. As I started thinking of things she likes or things she could use I kept going back to how she really could use a date night with her hubby! Well for some of us that is easier said than done right?!?!

Date night doesn’t always have to be away from our home and our children. Sometimes it’s too hard to find a babysitter or a babysitter just doesn’t fit into your budget. We have to make time for our spouses and sometimes the only time we have is after the kids go to bed.

With that being said I decided to make her a date night basket so she could enjoy a date night after the kiddos went to bed. She loved it!!!!

I labeled each item in the basket with a nice tag that would set up the night. Here’s what was in the basket (I provided all the links to the items that I could) …….



1. “Get in your jammies” ~ I picked up a nice satin robe. I found it at my local target. Unfortunately I was unable to find it online to provide a link.



2.”Make yourself a drink”~ She introduced me to Harney and Sons Tea years ago and oh my if you like tea you will love Harney and Sons. She loves champagne….really who doesn’t! So one day while getting something from my pantry my jars of homegrown peaches caught my eye…….What came next was…..PEACH BELLINIS!!!!!!!…. I ordered a tin of Peach Iced Tea from Harney and Sons, got two champagne glasses from Pier 1 (madison flute). Right now they are on clearance!! $4.98. I picked up two mini bottles of prosecco and I also added a jar of my homegrown peaches. I provided a Peach Belllini recipe on the back side of the “Make yourself a drink card” Here it is………

Peach Bellini

4oz Prosecco

2oz Peach Iced Tea

1oz Peach Puree

Make peach iced tea. Puree peaches. Pour the iced tea and peach puree into flute glasses and slowly add prosecco. Enjoy!



3.”Snuggle up together”~ I noticed that she had pinned a few cream-colored cable knit blankets. I couldn’t find one that was in my price range but I did find a nice throw blanket at Target that I liked and some what had the cable knit feel.


4. “Play a game”~ Jenga seemed to be a popular game this year. Every store I have gone into I have seen it on display. I thought Jenga was nice for “a date night” because they could sit on the floor cuddled up in the blanket and play!



What would you put in a date night basket? I would love to hear your ideas! Please leave a comment…I can’t wait to hear from you!