Cheers~Wedding/Bridal Shower Gift

I recently had a wedding to attend and I went to go get a gift from her gift registry and most of the items had already been bought except for a few hand towels. Well I couldn’t just give her two hand towels and say congrats so I started thinking. I had been seeing a lot of wine gift baskets on other blogs and on pinterest so I decided to make one of my own. I had found the idea on and I decided to use it but change the poems around a bit.
1. You will need a basket of some sort I got mine at target.
2. You will need 6 bottles of wine or what ever type of drink you would like. I used champagne for the wedding night and I used the grooms favorite (scotch) for the first baby.
3. You will need to make 6 tags I decorated each tag on the theme. Wedding night I used wedding decor, Christmas eve I used Christmas decor, etc.
4. I used my cricut and cricut craft room to create tags large enough to hold the poems.
5. You will need ribbon to tie the tags on to the bottles
6. You will also need tissue paper for the bottom of the basket.
Be creative and enjoy the gift of giving!!!

Wedding Night

This is the night you have dreamed of can you believe it’s here
The future is around the corner filled with hope and yet fear
You finally found the perfect mate
So be sure to toast this perfect date
Your lives you will now share
Enjoy each other – a perfect pair!!

First Fight

After your first fight is over
and your tempers are not longer hot
Sit down with a glass
and be thankful for what you’ve got

First Anniversary

A whole year has passed, where did the time go?
Don’t forget to say I love you –
one always needs to hear it!
Now toast your first anniversary, it won’t be the last
And as you build your future together don’t  forget
your past!

First Dinner Party

It’s a nice night to chat and to eat
Spend time with friends and take a seat
Share this bottle of wine
And enjoy your time

Christmas Eve

It’s the season for holiday cheer
And we love wine more than beer!
Pop the cork it’s the night before Christmas
Fill your glasses and relax by the Christmas tree lights
Kiss your love goodnight
As you snug in your bed
Let visions of sugar plums dance in your head.

First Baby

A beautiful baby will soon share your life
now you will be mother, not only a wife
Sadly _____ (groom) must drink this one alone, as for _______(bride)
Sit back and relax  nine months will quickly pass!