Ceiling Fan Makeover

Ceiling Fan Makeover
When my husband and I moved into our home I was nine months pregnant. I ended up having my oldest son only two weeks after moving in!!!! As time goes on we have been slowly remodeling our home. There are many projects that we want to do. Being a stay at home mom is the best thing I have ever done, the only thing is as you can imagine we don’t always have extra money hanging around to do all the “projects” that we would like.
We were blessed this winter to have my husbands father remove the wall between our dining room and our living room. It was one of the projects that we knew we wanted to do right away when we looked at the house.
When the wall was removed my ceiling fan stuck out like a sore thumb. I never liked it to begin with but with all of the other projects that we had been doing and saving for, spending the money on a new ceiling fan wasn’t my number one priority and to tell you the truth it still isn’t!!!
All of my lighting fixtures in my dining room and kitchen are oil rubbed bronze and the gold just wasn’t doing it for me! I had recently spray painted all my door knobs with oil rubbed bronze spray paint by Rust-Oleum. I started eyeing up my ceiling fan. I took the fan down , took it apart and spray painted all of the gold with the oil rubbed bronze paint.


This is the original fan.



When I took the light fixture off of the fan I stuffed paper towels in and around the light sockets so the spray paint wouldn’t get into it.


I took all of the fan blades off and sprayed each piece individually.
Here is the finished product! I am very happy with the way it turned out. On my next trip to Home Depo or Lowes I will pick up some new glass globes.



This project cost me about $15 in spray paint!

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  1. Instead of buying a new one, giving your ceiling fan a little makeover is a great move. With creativity and proper tools, you can already make a big difference in a couple of minutes. Just like what you did with your ceiling fan! All in all, it was a good job! Congrats!


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