5 Tips For Fine Dining

I’m not sure when my husband and I became such foodies but boy, am I sure glad we did! We have had some great experiences and made many memories at all kinds of restaurants.

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy a quiet evening in cozy restaurant with fine food and amazing wine. We spend a lot more money than I would like to admit on eating out but it’s “our thing”.

Unfortunately, when talking to people about fine dining we hear all kinds of things……negative things…….WHY????? Honestly, you need to understand what kind of dining experience you are signing up for before you start to have a negative opinion.

Here are a few things you need to know before booking a fine dining experience.

  1. SHUT UP…..Yes it’s expensive………

Fine dining is not about saving a buck or two. It’s about opening up your wallet and enjoying the whole dining experience from start to finish. If you’re not prepared to spend more than your average restaurant just don’t bother going.

2. NEVER order just an ENTREE!!!!

THIS right here people! It drives me crazy when I chat with someone or read reviews on a restaurant and I hear about how small the portion sizes are and they left hungry…….STOP ordering just an entree! First off that’s just being cheap and you should always order soup to nuts (or at least 3 courses) The point of smaller portions is to experience different flavors and to get to see the skills of the Chef. The food is his art work and he wants to show off! If the plates are shareable they will let you know!

3. Don’t plan on getting in and out in an hour……..

Fine dining isn’t just about the food, it’s about the entire experience. It starts with the atmosphere and moves right along to your Captain or Waiter. After meeting your Captain/Waiter you then get to enjoy course after course of beautiful prepared and delicious food, paired with great wine and cocktails. All of this while hopefully indulging in great conversation with people you enjoy. DON’T RUSH! Order a drink and look at the menu……Again TAKE YOUR TIME! A true fine dining restaurant will follow your lead on when food comes out. ¬†Feel free to let your Captain/Waiter know that you are there to enjoy the night and your not in a rush. That brings me to another point…..

4. Talk to your Captain/Waiter and anyone else who is there to serve you…..

Listen people, in a fine restaurant the staff is educated on the menu, ingredients, wines, and really anything that the restaurant has to offer. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to “bother” them. They want you to enjoy your experience and they want you to leave happy. Honestly, most of the time when we have a great conversation with our Captain/Waiter we leave with more knowlegde about the food and or wine and it just adds to the whole night. On a side note tip them well…..again don’t be cheap!

5. Don’t be afraid to try something new……..

When enjoying a fine dining experience part of the fun is to try something that you can’t get anywhere. Some of the best meals I have had have been when I stepped out of my comfort zone. Go ahead…..don’t be afraid…..

Here are some of our favorite restaurants!

The Fireside Tavern at Sharpe Hill Vineyard

Sharpe Hill Vineyard & Fireside Tavern Restaurant ~ Pomfret, CT

Bouchard Restaurant ~ Newport, RI

Mombo-Portsmouth, NH

Mombo ~ Portsmouth, NH

Mills Tavern ~ Providence, RI

Havana Blue ~ St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

There are many more but these are the ones that stand out!

I would love to hear your favorites…Please comment below with where you enjoy eating out! We are always up to trying new places.