Basil Flower Arrangement

I LOVE my garden! I enjoy planting my veggies and flowers every year and watching them grow and  produce fruit. This year I have no idea what I was thinking?!?!? I planted WAY to many basil plants. We love pesto but how much can you eat and how much can you freeze? Many of my plants went to flower. I just couldn’t keep up.
This morning while I was out walking through the garden I noticed that my roses were in there second bloom and I just love the black seed pods that form on my blue false indigo (baptisia australis). I also noticed all the flowers on my basil. Which at first disappointed me, but I quickly turned that disappointment into enjoyment.  What made me cut them all and put them together in a flower arrangement, I have no idea. Basil in a flower arrangement? YES!!! It is beautiful and let me tell you my house smells wonderful!
 Happy Gardening!
~ Voluntown Housewife