Are We There Yet Road Trip Binders For Kids

Jeff and I have always loved a good road trip. While we were dating we would often drive around hoping to get lost. We’ve had some of our greatest memories taking road trips.

Once we had kids I was afraid our road trip days would come to an end. Honestly, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We have had some great road trips as a family. A few years ago I’m pretty sure all my friends thought I lost my mind when I told them we were going to Disney and we were going to DRIVE! At that time Luke was 6 and Liam was 3! Now listen we didn’t do a marathon drive to see how fast we could make it to Florida. We took the time while driving to visit some great locations along the way. We drove the skyline drive, stopped in Charlottesville, VA, spent the day in Savannah, GA, walked some beaches in Florida and made awesome memories! I think I enjoyed the week of driving to Disney more than the park itself! We truly had an amazing time!

One of the things that I made up to take with us was a road trip binder……can you say BEST THING EVER?!?!

We are leaving soon for another two week road trip to Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We are flying to Colorado and driving from place to place! I will definitely write a post about the trip when I get back.

There are going to be some long days in the car so I went right back to creating new road trip binders for this trip.


Here’s what I do………

  1. I pick up cheap binders at the store or I use ones that I might have hanging around the house. I also pick up new pencils, colored pencils, pens, and a pencil holder that can go into the binder.
  2. I pick up a few educational work books, maze books, crosswords things like that. I found a great book at target,  Rand McNally Kids’ Road Atlas. It had maps for kids and activities that went along with each state. I also go on Pinterest and search for coloring sheets and activities that go with our trip.
  3. I start to look through the books and I try to find pages that will go with what we are doing each day. I make packets for each day and three whole punch all the worksheets and paper clip them together. I label them with a post it note as to what day each packet is for.IMG_6757
  4. I put day 1 in the binder and I keep all the other packets in a separate folder. Each morning before we leave for the day I add a new packet for a new day.

Each day the kids have something new to do and they look forward to seeing what comes next. It helps to keep them focused on what we are doing. I add a travel journal page to each packet so they can record their adventures. I keep those pages to scrapbook.

Here is a FREE printable for my Travel Journal!! Click on the image below and then follow the provide link! 


Travel Journal


Do you road trip? Where have you been? I would love to hear about your travels! Comment below!