Adding Dimension To Your Serving Table

Growing up in Voluntown has been a gift, but growing up attending the Voluntown Baptist Church has surpassed any expectations one person could have on a “little country church”. My Grandparents parents attended the Voluntown Baptist Church and our family still continues to attend! Our pastor is truly a gift from God. He is down to earth, has a love for God and his church we couldn’t ask for more! When crisis hits he is right there leading. Soon we will have to lend him to the brave service men and women of our country for a long six months. As I am sad to see him go I am proud to send him off to help others who won’t be sitting at there family dinner tables for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Thank you to those who serve and protect our freedom so I can go to that “little country church”.

As a church we had a little going away dinner. Because he will be missing Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter with us we decided to provide some aspects of all the holidays he will be missing.We had a turkey dinner, a Christmas tree with a lovely book of prayers and thoughts wrapped up in Christmas paper and a cake with Easter decorations.

When I throw a party I love to add dimension to my serving tables. All you need is some boxes of all shapes and sizes, and some fabric. I have used everything from table clothes, fabric from the fabric store and even sheets. Place your boxes on the table at various heights keeping the larger boxes on the sides and back of the table. Cover your boxes and table with the fabric, bunch and pulling to accommodate the boxes. Set your plates of goodies on the different levels and stand back and enjoy the view. It really does add a bit of dimension and style to the come dessert or appetizer table.