7 Ways To Have Awesome Mornings, Every Day!

7 Ways to Have Awesome Mornings, Every Day!

Guest Post~Author: Wendy Dessler

Waking up is pure agony that consists of hitting the snooze button several times and a concentrated dose of coffee. For many, the daily routine helps them get out the door, but this does not make them any more excited to start the day. However, did you know that you could spring out of bed and be ready to tackle the day?

Waking up happy and ready to go can seem like a complicated goal to achieve. Some of what you need is proactive action or pushing yourself to change your mindset. Unfortunately, there’s no magic pill that can make you happier every morning, but there are a couple of small ways to waking up happier tomorrow.

Flowers by Your Bed

Research shows that placing fresh flowers in your home can help boost your mood, making you feel happier. Receiving flowers as gifts also gives people that much needed boost of energy and happiness as well. The next time you stop by the farmers market or grocery store, pick a bunch for your daily dose of natural pick-me-up.

Get Plenty of Sleep

If you are not putting enough hours into your sleep every night, it is likely you will wake up feeling unhappy. In America, most adults get less sleep hours than they require, instead of the seven to nine hours required – this may vary depending on an individual. When you get less sleep than your set need, you tend to enjoy life less, and even become more angry and irritable.

Get Plenty Of Exercise

Not surprising, working out in the morning will contribute a lot to being a lot happier. Exercising helps boost endorphin levels in your body, ensuring that both of you feel happier throughout the day. You can even get creative, and go for something unusual such as hiking, if you leave close to mountains. Just pack up on the right gear and go for it!


No one likes to be told to smile more; however, it may help you wake up happier every morning. It is an important part of your life, smiling helps, holding on to positive thoughts helps, getting great friends will help, doing what you enjoy the most helps, and so does knowing that life issues and stress can’t be avoided. The way you react to the things happening around you and your coping mechanisms have a major impact – and smiling can help shift your perspective to happier thoughts.

Compile a Gratitude List the Night Before

It sounds like a silly exercise, but your nightly gratitude list is one of the best ways to improving your morning mindset. No matter how tough your day was, go to be reflecting upon all the things you are grateful for – even the simplest of tasks like remembering to brush your teeth! Such positive thoughts program your subconscious mind to focus on the good as you sleep, making it much easier to start your day with gratitude and happiness.

Practice Happiness

In simple terms, to wake up happy, you have to work on being happy the previous day. Think of happiness like a muscle memory that you have to exercise every day. Practice happiness – at the very least a little every day – to help yourself learn how to focus on the good and be happier; treat yourself with candy, every so often, to a treat when everything needs to be blue to get rid of the morning blues, for example.

Show More Compassion

Unorthodox as it may sound, being more compassionate may be just what you need to wake up happy tomorrow morning. When you put yourself aside and serve others, you’ll feel good, decreasing anxiety, boosting your immune responses and making you feel happier. Start out by helping others through whatever means you can!