I am so glad you stopped by Voluntown Housewife. I love my home town of Voluntown, Connecticut. I honestly think it may be one of the greatest places on earth!  My hope is that while you are reading my blog you will come to love your home and everything in it. I am a housewife and stay at home mom. I couldn’t be happier with my choice to stay home and do what I love. That’s what life’s all about right, doing what you love and enjoying every minute of it. Whether you work or stay at home I hope that you will find my posts relatable and I hope that they help you to enjoy your home and your life just a bit more.

Voluntown Housewife is a lifestyle blog filled with all of the things I love. I didn’t want to limit my blog to just one topic. Sometimes being home can be hard and blogging really helps me stay focused on the things I love.

Thank you for stopping by Voluntown Housewife and please if you read a post and enjoyed it or have questions or comments feel free to comment below the post or email me!

From my home to yours thanks for connecting!




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